Saturday, June 26, 2010

Um, hi, I'm still here

Hi everyone - thanks for the e-mails and comments! I am still here and I do still plan on keeping up this blog, I've just been caught in the throws of graduation (for the hubby) and moving (for the whole family) and vacationing (yesss!). I'm ashamed to say that most of our culinary experiences have come straight out of a window on the side of a building lately...or out of our freezer. But we're moving in and I will have some delicious recipes coming this way in the near future! Don't give up on me! Oh, and in the meantime, you should go pick up some Brookside brand chocolate covered Acai berries at your friendly neighborhood Costco. I don't like chocolate covered raisins or anything like you can imagine my shock when I stumbled upon a couple of those nuggets of deliciousness and almost fell over, they were that good!!
Hope your summer is fantastic! I'll be back soon!


  1. So obviously I haven't been on blogs lately either...busy with summer, but I do have to agree with you, the choco-acai berries are AMAZING, we just polished off our first bag :) Hope you guys are settled and doing well!