Monday, January 11, 2010

Rating System

Ok, so, now that I am re-vamping this website and it's no longer all about the menu, it's just about what I make, I figured my reference points should be different. SO, I'll be rating the dishes on a 5 star system.
I'll be pretty strict about my ratings as in, you could probably trust 3 stars to be pretty good, although I suspect that most of the dishes I'll get around to posting will be my favorites that I want to remember, so they'll probably mostly be 3 and above. Here's how the rating with go:
5 stars: I could live off of this stuff!
4 stars: I'd make it again, for sure, and you should make it too!
3 stars: It'll be in our rotation here and there, but was worth making.
2 stars: I could take it or leave it - and definitely won't make it again.
1 star: Bleck.

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