Friday, March 12, 2010

Stewed Vegetable Gratin

This recipe is wonderful when you have the same ol' same ol' ingredients but you want something that tastes different. You know - carrots, onions, celery, canned tomatoes...what do you think of? Soup, right? Well, why not add some sliced bread on the top with some thyme and call it a vegetable gratin? This meal happens to be so delicious that my husband and I ate this entire dish in one sitting by ourselves. Now that's a good gratin. Don't be intimidated by the name - you're really just sauteing some vegetables, throwing in some beans, and then throwing some cheese and bread with it.
Which leads me to another point - I love a vegetarian meal that is not just "meatless", but actually is vegetable-based and balanced. For instance - this meal has a variety of vegetables along with some beans which add protein. Although it does have some cheese in it, it doesn't rely on pasta or cheese to make it filling or delicious - or to mask the absence of meat. It is a vegetarian meal that can stand on its own two feet. Love it. Loved every bite!Make sure there is ample fresh (or dried if your grocery store happens to be out, which was the case for me) thyme, it really adds a nice touch. I also sprinkled some kosher salt onto the bread. Oh, and to save time, I made everything ahead of time and put it in the fridge until 30 minutes before dinner when I threw all the bread slices on top, brushed some olive oil, a little kosher salt, and plenty of thyme on the bread and then tossed it all in the oven. Perfection. So yummy!!

5 stars.

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