Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Menu 1

Blueberry Flax Pancakes - I make a scratch pancake mix, but you can just use a mix as well. (Link to recipe discovered on
Chicken Quesadilla Pie - Huge hit with the family. I used whole wheat wraps instead of tortillas, but that made it a little mushy. I would just use flour tortillas if I made it again.

Mexican Quinoa Salad - Make sure you salt this enough to bring all the great flavors out. Also, it's delicious, but definitely needs some pita and hummus or a smoothie to round the meal out. (Link to recipe discovered on
Stewed Vegetable Gratin - Absolutely delicious. My baguette dried out (I waited to long to use it), so I just cut it into crouton size pieces and used it that way. Still totally delicious!
Mushroom and Poblano Tostada

Smoky Beef Tacos -
~Leftover meal~ throw your favorite Barbecue sauce on the meat, add some coleslaw and throw it all on some hamburger buns and you've got a 5 minute meal the next day!

Chicken with Poblano Cream - you could just use a green bell pepper if you're not into spicy.
Pasta Salad*

The Ultimate Steak Sandwich - AMAZING. Note to self: make this for guests to impress them. Make sure to use Tyler's shingle-pound method, it really tenderizes the meat and it eats deliciously. I also loved the arugala mayo, but you could simplify life and just use arugala and mayo separately on the sandwich. Lastly, I used the cheese for the base for the Chicken with Poblano Cream from this menu for the next night, it was super fast and easy!
Oh, and Gruyere is so expensive, I thought a mixture of swiss and feta, or even just swiss or cheddar still made a great sauce.

These cinnamon rolls - You will never have a better one!! I find I need to cook them about 17 minutes for perfection. Also, if you make it without a breadmaker (like me), just mix the ingredients in order after letting the yeast proof (I use 1/2 C water and then when the yeast proofs I add 1/2 C milk instead of the 1 C milk).

***Recipes not found on internet***
Pasta Salad:
Any curly/fun/spare pasta will do
Add some combination of: cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, baby corn, artichoke hearts, chicken (if desired)
Throw it all in a bowl and add your favorite Italian dressing to the desired amount.
Mix it around, pop it in the fridge. Delicioso.
You can grill 'em or broil 'em, either way, they're delicious! I use:
Mushrooms, potatoes (blanched), tomatoes, broccoli (blanched), and onions - or some combination of those
Chicken, shrimp, steak... any of these alone or in combination with each other
I throw whatever I have in the fridge in a blender for a marinade, including any combination of:
Oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, basil, milk, mayo
Drizzle it over the chicken and let it sit until that night. Makes for a fast/easy meal!

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